Unprecedented wildfires have burnt down incredible amounts of the Amazon. It's devastating especially for the Amazonian rainforests. The indigenous people devour the fire and it is very much implemented in their tradition, nature and the mother earth -Pachamama.
They believe that in order to receive, one needs to give. 
Important now is how to live in balance with the natural world that was—and still is—our ultimate home- NATURE
NVH-JEWELS supports with each sale the amazonian people, their tribes and the wild-forest.
We hope that mankind will find back their  ‘right relationship’ with the natural sacredness of the natural world!
We use Ecofriendly packaging and have a considered approach to Global Organic Textiles Standart. We are trying to contribute that way to a cleaner and healthier environment. Products being upcycled or innovative regenerated is helping in reducing waste.
Organizations we support:
The Bluedeer Center NY
One Tree Planted 
Karl- Schubert -Schule Wie
With every sale we plant a tree in South- America 🌱🌱🌱
We support the organization ONE TREE PLANTED.